Sample Geology Essay Summary on Overfishing

A Letter to State and Federal Representatives on Overfishing

ATTN: Overfishing

Dear Sirs/ Madams,

This letter aims to bring to your attention the environmental, social and economic impacts of overfishing as reported by various bodies. Overfishing is blamed for the reduction of aquatic lives in fresh water bodies. This aspect, coupled with pollution has a detrimental effect on the aquatic system. It is reported that overfishing and unsustainable water consumption are leading to extinction of aquatic ecosystems in the country today. Marine fishes such as Thunnus Thynnus and Blue fin Tuna are found in the countries fresh water bodies bud take seasonal migration.

These fish species require high oxygen levels. As such, it is recommended that the modern fishing equipments used along coast lines should not kill the fishes. You are reminded of the 1982 legislation that prohibits overexploitation of fishing resources. Since Tuna is widely applicable in the country, it is recommended that key fishing areas be along the Mediterranean sea and should used methods such as long line and purse seine to avoid destructive effects (Christopher 8). This is because the fishes in these areas are considered to be public property and thus no efforts to protect them are made (Robert 59).

The social impacts of overfishing are connected to the reports that fishing activities have been occurring over centuries using a variety of methods across the world. Since fishing provides a source of income to people, reduction of fishes results in the loss of income to some of those who depend on this activity. Although the traditional fishing methods are regarded as incompetent, they are less destructive that modern equipment which harvest juvenile fish and cause pollution.

Overharvesting has also resulted in increased pollution of the water bodies. Overfishing also has detrimental impacts especially on the economies of countries that depend on fishing as the major export activity. Such countries like Japan have a well developed fishing industry that earns revenue for the country. Unscrupulous profit oriented companies encourage overfishing in the US water bodies hence resulting in environmental degradation through fish depletion.

Environmental degradation also impacts the ecosystems negatively. Through pollution, fishes are depleted of oxygen and essential nutrients resulting in their death. Over exploitation of fisheries also results in the collapse of fleets of fishes which are found in fresh water bodies. Based on the impacts of overfishing, it is recommended that legislation that controls this practice should be enacted. Tracking and documentation systems can be used for the alignment of actual harvests with fish quotas. The systems should be able to incorporate punishment modes for those found to encourage overfishing.

One strategy would be to ban international players who encourage overfishing (EC 1). Overfishing has the potential of resulting in the depletion of the highly evolved species of fish. This will in effect cause massive loss of employment. Research should thus be focused on the identification of environmental, social and economic practices that can help to control overfishing. Such research should be based on the objective of developing sustainable fishing practices. Through such practices, the stakeholders in the fishing industry can be encouraged to continue earning a living through this activity.

In conclusion, the implementation of millennium development goals for hunger eradication can assist in the maintenance of best fishing practices. This can be through protection from pollution and over exploitation. The federal governments could also provide finances for the prevention of overfishing.

This letter has been written based on actual reliable and relevant discoveries concerning overfishing in the country. I therefore expect a response on the issue from you.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. /Mr. / Mrs.

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