Sample Geology and Other Earth Sciences Essay Summary on The Impact of Climate in Arizona, Discussing Seasonal Impacts on Groundwater Levels

The Impact of Climate in Arizona, Discussing Seasonal Impacts on Groundwater Levels

Arizona, located in South Western U.S has a varying climate. This results in seasonal environmental changes. Through the years, climatic changes have taken a toll on the state of Arizona. With a large population of close to 50 million people and rapid population growth, the state is bound to experience climatic challenges. The rapid population growth is a result of high fertility rates and a diverse economy which creates employment for the locals. In Phoenix for instance, high temperatures have been experienced leading to evaporation of water from key water bodies. This affects ground water levels due to little water amount percolating into the ground. The high temperatures have also impacted the Rocky Mountains as well as Sierra Nevada, major water catchment areas in the state. These areas enjoy greater amounts of precipitation and have large snow covers which are sources of water. The high temperatures have also increased the rate at which snow is melting, reducing the snow pack and producing springs of water. The overall effect is a reduction in stream flow.

The reduction in precipitation has also created stress in underground and surface water levels. Rivers such as river Colorado has limited flow. Global warming has also resulted in more severe droughts, leading to desertification. Ground water pumping by farmers in areas such as the central Valley has led to reduced water supply.


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