Sample Geography Research Paper Summary ‘Ascending Trend of International Students in America

Ascending Trend of International Students in America

The growth in the number of international students studying in America over the past few years is indicative of the fact that the numbers will continue growing. International students from all parts of the world have continued to increase in America, led by Chinese students. Despite a slight reduction in the growth rate following the recession, the rate is slowly steadying, with the potential effect of an even greater international student’s population in future. Various factors have been recognized as contributing to the increase in international student population key of which are push and pull factors.

Perception of a higher school reputation translating into higher valuation of their credentials is one of the pull factors towards student influx. Furthermore, many students are attracted by low tuition fee rates and reduced cost of living compared to their countries. Another factor that contributes to the increase is the availability of well qualified teachers. The ability of the host country to offer favorable first perception, good advice and necessary information determines the level of satisfaction of the international students (Meringe and Carter 459). Religious and cultural influences also determine the decision by some students to study in America (Mei & Bray 791).

While carrying out the study aimed at determining the reasons for the increase in the number of international students in America, the method that was used included review of literature obtained from the Institute of International Education. The information collected should relate to push and pull factors that contribute to influx of students as well as on the factors that influence students to remain behind after completion of their studies with the objective of living and working in America.

From the study of these factors, the pull factors were determined to be: availability of student exchange programs coupled with the streamlined VISA process which prioritize students and scholars during VISA interview processes; aggressiveness in the efforts for recruitment by the universities and colleges in America; Flexibility of education in the United States coupled with high quality of education in the states. These factors attract students differently in that the flexibility offered is such that a student has sufficient time to decide the courses they desire to take into that consideration, the students can also change their sources after selection.

On the other hand, the factors that push students to study in the U.S include provision of scholarships for students by their national governments which make it easier for the students to access education without paying cash. Countries whose governments offer funds for students tend to have more students studying in America. Other push factors include the mismatch between supply and demand of higher education in other countries. For Instance in China back in 2011, the number of chances available for college education was far much less than the demand for higher education, making it essential for some of the students .

This has pushed some of those who need education but are cut off by the limited chances to access education in America. In addition to this, the growth of the middle class economy is one of the push factors that continue to influence students to study in America. After attaining their college education, some of the students are attracted by better living conditions and more chances of employment to remain behind instead of moving back to their countries. The main contribution of internationalism among students is an enhancement of the economy through provision of skilled labor and revenues (Alluri 1). The students may also contribute to the academia in case they decide to engage more actively in providing education to others.

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