Sample Geography Research Paper On Nature

Homework Question on Nature

  • Raymond Williams describes the words “nature” and “culture” as some of the most complicated in the English language.
  • Please choose the word nature or culture and provide three (3) different examples of ways in which that word is used.

Homework Answer on Nature

Providing a definitive meaning of the term nature is challenging due to the fact that it is used differently and understood by individuals from different contexts. While philosophers believe that the present day universe was in existence before the evolution that resulted from present day technologies and activities, scientist’s state that nature represents the physical characteristics that are observed in the society. Nature is also described as a way in which an individual or animals reacts to different actions; nature is likened to the character of an individual or animal. It’s also believed that nature is a natural force that takes care of the world happenings.

In the society today, the various plants, herbs, trees as well as animals regardless of their size, natural characterizations and the habitats they exist in are described as the physical forms of nature. The various physical characters displayed by these animals and plants are also described as their nature. This makes nature be seen as a character and an action; this makes it critical to note that a mention of nature be a disclosure which guides and makes individuals aware of some meta-physical realities.

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A further description of the visual traits that include the eyes, hair color and other body parts represents the intelligence and personalities are in existence due to the environments that we inhabit. The scientific aspects of chromosomes and genetic explanations are a representation of the extreme forms of nature that we are not greatly considered and yet they are the determinants of the various body orientations that we witness in the society today. The body genes have a role in determining other natural aspects of life including sexual orientation and size.