Sample Geography Paper On Push-Pull Factors in Undocumented Immigration

Homework Question on Push-Pull Factors in Undocumented Immigration

  1. What push-pull factors, in your opinion, have greater importance in attracting undocumented migrants to North America, Europe and the more developed countries of Asia?
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Homework Answer on Push-Pull Factors in Undocumented Immigration

Economic, cultural, and political factors in both the countries of origin and destination make up the principal push and pull factors in undocumented immigration in the U.S., Europe, and developed Asian countries. Europe, especially, has witnessed a huge wave of immigration from Middle Eastern societies, especially Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, in recent years. While the continuous state of conflict in these regions has influenced an incessant trickle of immigrants into Europe (Europe, mainly, but also developed Asian countries and the U.S.) for many years, the volume of immigration has intensified in recent years owing to escalating conflicts and socio-political problems, especially since 2011 (Banulescu-Bogdan and Fratzke para. 13).

This escalation is attributable to the convergence of pull and push factors, some of which have been existent for years but have exacerbated following the occurrence of recent triggering events.Push factors concern the prevalence of adverse and disadvantageous elements in the sending societies. In contrast, pull factors constitute advantageous and appealing aspects in the receiving country. In essence, the differentiating factors between push and pull factors interrelate since migrants have to experience lack of benefits in the origin country (push factors) and perceive surplus benefits in the destination country (pull factors) in order to feel motivated to move (Globalization 101 Article 9).

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The principal push factors for immigration into Europe, the U.S., and some Asian countries include the outbreak and continuity of violence and instability in countries of origin, deteriorating conditions in countries of first asylum, continuous lack of work, education, and other vital opportunities in countries of origin, and geopolitical alterations that have undermined the appeal of alternative destinations.