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Martina Deuchler, “Reject the False and Uphold the Straight: Attitudes Toward Heterodox in Early Yi Korea.”

In the article, Martina gives a brief overview of how the Yi dynasty came into being and how it formed its Confucian image. He explains how the dynasty’s founders were satisfied by the demands of Neo-Confucian orthodoxy. The Yi Koreans, according to Martina did not have a specified social and political classification due to the discrepancies that deviated them from other inhabitants of Ming China. These formed the basis of the frequent political unrests that were witnessed by the locals. Though there was the unrest, the communication between Yi Korea and Ming China continued to take root with Chinese intellectual scenes becoming the centres of discussion leading to the adoption of the learning principle (385).

At the center of the sixteenth century Yi Hwang emphasized on the need to attract the attention of the Korean government by adopting some learning methodologies. Some aspects of learning and understanding were also interdicted to ensure that independent efforts did not go unnoticed. As Martina explains, the learning of Yi was a total comprehension of the orthodox tradition making it more passive as there was some conceptualization of terms that was necessary. Terms such as Lo Chin-Shun, Yi Hwang, and So Kyongdok were ranked respectively. The author states that there was indeed no way China was going to be sub versed as there were proper plans to defend it against subversion.

The author thus presents a detailed account of how the Yi Hwang were integrated into the Korean social life with the reaffirmation of a rational component of human nature as the base of their acts (403)