Sample Geography Article Review Paper on Shrinking Cities in Japan

Shrinking Cities in Japan:  Article Review


As explained in the research article, Japan is the most highly populated country in Germany. Due to dynamic changes in population, it becomes hard to predict the shrinking cities in Japan. Even though financial circumstances have been shaky for an extended period, Japan’s developments blow up has proceeded in both rural areas as well as in the urban centres. Currently, Japan gives the feeling that it’s getting ready for an urban and territorial improvement in light of expectations of development.

Additionally, by 2050 the Japanese population is expected to decline by percentage of 22; i.e. from 127.8 million to 100 million (Richardson & Audirac, 2014). . Regardless of the quick deteriorating population and the maturing of society across the country, the issue of constricting urban areas has so far been withdrawn in Japan. Most researchers have shown that most shrinking cities in Japan are associated with aging population and a reduction in industrial capacity.

After the research was conducted this article pointed out the following about shrinking cities in Japan:

  • Shrinking cities are characterized by their fringe area and less population, for example, Hokkaido.
  • Port urban cites remotely situated in these cities are stagnating due to reduced business.
  • Shrinkage happens in Japanese cities due to poor transportation in rural areas.
  • Procedures of statistic change have incited rearrangement of the age structure in Japan.
  • Changes in consumption additionally impact the qualities of urban areas and towns all through Japan.

Finally basing the context on the summary of the article the most important questions for the study are:

  1. What measures should be taken to reduce the rate of shrinking cities in Japan?  The government is improving infrastructure and connection to rural areas; metropolitans are also building houses for workers in suburban areas to reduce congestion in the towns. 
  2. How can the government deal with the aging population?  The Japanese government has founded legal arrangements proposed to empower Individuals to have more kids to increase population and outdo the aging population.


Richardson, H., Nam. & Audirac, I. (2014). Shrinking cities: a global perspective. Oxfordshire, England New York: Routledge.