Sample Geographical Paper On Migration and Diversity

Homework Question on Migration and Diversity

  1. Explain how geography has contributed to the development of diversity in the context of different cultures.
  2. Provide an example of a specific population and describe how the population was diversified through geographical drivers. These can include politics/wars, land formations, trade, population migration, and so forth.

Homework Answer on Migration and Diversity

The geographical location plays a major role in determining the cultural development of an area. Physical features of an area, such as such as deserts, rivers, and valleys influence individuals, making them develop their unique cultures distinct from those of other people. The variations in cultures come about due to lack of intercultural and psychosocial relations among individuals (Clifford, French, & Valentine, 2010).

For example, in India, the northern part of the country, which is mostly mountainous, has made the people in the region to have their own unique dressing styles, which are favorable for the atmospheric conditions in the area. The people in northern India displayed their own kind of unique language patterns both in oral and writing. Unlike the northern part, in the western part of India, which is mostly covered by a desert, people have also devised their own unique lifestyle that distinguishes them from the other Indians. They practice their unique rituals that make them different (Ferraro, 2008).

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Though India is part of the larger Asian continent, the Indians who inhabit the southern part regard themselves as being in their own continent due to the uniqueness of their culture that is completely different from those practiced by the rest of the Asians (Emmerling, Shanwal & Mandal, 2008). Frequent conquests from the region are also a major problem that the inhabitants of south Asia are struggling to come into terms with.