Sample Gender Studies Paper On Women, Sexuality and Purity

Homework Question on Women, Sexuality and Purity

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Homework Answer on Women, Sexuality and Purity

Christians have norms and standards to maintain purity especially on matters regarding sexuality. The Protestant revolutions in the sixteenth century lead to the emergence of Episcopal churches with different sexual ethics from those of Catholic. The clergy in the Catholic were not allowed to marry, but those in the Episcopal churches like Anglican Church were allowed to marry. Nowadays, Catholics do not allow women to serve as clergy while Protestants women serve as clergy.

The Catholics have become reluctant in dealing with issues of prostitution despite their teaching on purity, unlike the Episcopal, who are very strict on such matters.  As another group, Mormons emerged from the Protestants and came up with their book of Mormon that encourages polygamy. The following segments discuss the women, sexuality and purity in Catholic, Episcopal and the Mormons.

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In the Catholic, unmarried women are not supposed to have sex and if they do they are referred to as prostitutes or adulterers.  For those women who want to serve in the Catholic, they have to dedicate their whole life to celibacy and become nuns. The Catholics also do not support the use of condoms as means of controlling HIV/AIDs and further restricts their followers to the use of contraceptive to control birth.