Sample Gender Studies Paper On Race, Gender, and Disability

Homework Question on Race, Gender, and Disability

  1. Discuss the relationships between race, gender, and disability as bases for vulnerability.
  2. How do complex forms of “subordination” or discrimination tend to play out in lives and communities?
  3. Use at least four of the following seven readings or course content in your discussion.

Homework Answer on Race, Gender, and Disability

Different levels of discriminations that are experienced by individuals on the basis of race, gender, and among disabled people have resulted in victims being referred to as vulnerable citizens. The individuals who are subjected to discrimination on the basis that they have the characteristics that make them appear to be unequal with other members becomes vulnerable due to frequent exclusion. The continuous implementations of established bodies and institutions that are overseeing the vice being mitigated to controllable level is an indication of bright future for the victims of discrimination in the society that makes them vulnerable.


People who suffer from disabilities have been greatly excluded from the mainstream of society by discriminating them using the physical barriers. Social structures have generated disability and illness together with gender and race groupings. As a result, this grouping of individuals has become the indication of how poverty and inequality could be examined. Social support and equitable distribution of wealth are necessary to curb and control the nature of discrimination that exists among the groups that results in the society stereotyping the individuals as unequal and hence excluding different sectors.

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Poverty has played a major role in making the disability continue to be a major social cost among the people living under poor conditions especially black people and single mothers in America. These people are more exposed to suffering from different conditions that limit their functioning and hence affecting their life chances.