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Homework Question on Women Studies

  • What is and whats not Women’s Studies?
  • You must refer to at least 10 of the articles that you have read this semester. Make sure that your articles are properly cited and in bold so that I are clear as to when you are refering to articles
  • Papers should be 4-5 pages double spaced in 12 point font.
  • Make sure to use bold and underlining to highlight the articles in your paper.

Homework Answer on Women Studies

From the 1970s, women have come a long way in their representation and finding their place in the society. In the past few decades, the idea of women in working positions, equal competition and even some fields such as Science, Math, Physics and technology was a far-fetched idea (Boumgoidnei& Richantds, n.p.). Over the years however, women’s movements has played a significant role in changing most of these, debunking societal biases against women.

Part of the debunking came to the fore through the introduction of Women Studies in education institutions aimed at studying the plight of women in a male dominated society. Women Studies, therefore, delves into the representation of women in the society linking gender to race, social position, sexuality and the nation as a means of defining identity within the context of the intricate nature of society and its norms.

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Contrary to many beliefs, Women Studies is far removed from women movement and the idea of advocating and agitating women’s rights, although women’s movement informs Women Studies. At the center of Women Studies in the thirst for knowledge of the representation of women in the wider society. One of the major source of women representation in the society has been the media. Over time, with women’s movement taking root and agitating for better representation and an equal treatment of women, the media has been on the forefront in the general representation of women’s position in the society.