Sample Gender Studies Essays On The American Civil War

Homework Question on The American Civil War

  • Select a Major event in the U.S history and write an encyclopedic article detailing the event from the perspective of a woman. Can be any major event. can be any woman in general (famous woman preferred, if not, it is alright.)
  1. Needs to have Historical Accuracy, (needs to be very accurate)
  2. Needs to include Feminine perspective only
  3. Historical Voice gives me extra points.
  • Format and Citations need to be correct.
  • Needs 5 outside sources, two of them which are primary sources can not be plagiarized 8-10 pages

Homework Answer on The American Civil War

For many years, the role of women in American history has been relegated to the background even when their contributions have been significant. This has been applied in major historical events, especially those where women underwent suffering. The American Civil War is one of these historical events in which women were removed from the overall picture. The War has been cleaned by historians who depicted it as a grand war fought for noble principles and in which heinous crimes were not committed by the armies.

Additionally, many historians have sanitized the suffering underwent by the women, usually by excluding the experiences of women. This portrayal of the Civil War from a masculine perspective is a disgrace to the women who suffered and sacrificed a lot for the war. In recent years, many historians have begun documenting the experiences of women in the civil war era, and these experiences are what this paper hopes to bring to the fore.

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Before the war, women in America were held to certain Victorian values and played the role of homemakers, usually devoting their lives to caring for their homes, husbands, and children. Any working woman was thus regarded with scorn and pity. Women also did not play a part in politics which was dominated by males. There were numerous laws that confined women under the legal power of their husbands making it socially unacceptable and unladylike for women to discuss political matters.