Sample Finance Essays On Personal and Business Finances

Homework Question on Personal and Business Finances

  1. Research/explore five (5) separate internet sites that focus on financial affairs related to either business or personal financial management.
  2. Write a 250-300 word review for each site, for a total of five (5) reviews. Each review must include the following:
  • Heading: Site name and site address
  • Overview: One sentence synopsis of site content
  • Discussion: A multi-sentence paragraph which outlines the principal items of interest in the site
  • Opinion: Your thoughts concerning the usefulness of the site
  • Use font Times Roman 12, with one-inch margins.

Homework Answer on Personal and Business Finances

Internet Site Reviews

Internet Site Address:

Internet Site Name: Wachowicz’s Web World: Website for Discerning Finance Students


The website was developed based on a book authored by James Van Horne and John Wachowicz on fundamentals of finance management. It focuses on financial crisis within International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to formulate non-partisan evidence and fact based solutions. The financial reforms developed under this website aim at preventing future financial crisis in the world.


The website asserts that managing personal finances determines future financial status. Thus, hiring professionals or acquiring financial software tasked in planning, managing, and controlling both personal and business finances are vital. More importantly, it ensures people’s financial needs are addressed and fulfilled. However, it is more important to prevent financial crisis. They interfere with current and future financial status among individuals and businesses.

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Thus, Wachowicz’s website was developed to encourage, support and guide people to manage business and personal finances. Lack of financial management can foster financial crisis.It is important for people to manage and monitor financial activities on a personal and commercial level. This ensures they plan finances to cater for various basic and domestic needs mainly expenses, investments and savings. Consequently, business can manage and monitor commercial activities in the firm.