Sample Film Theatre Studies Paper On Kiss Me Kate

Homework Question on Analysis of Kiss me Kate

  • I have attended a show (play) called :Kiss Me Kate, for my theatre class and the show is recorded vocally. The play is divided to two parts in the zip file of the Dropbox link.
  • Now, the needed thing is to write one page answering these three questions:
  1. What is being attempted- what’s the purpose of this play, reasons of having students, audience watching the show? Was the attempt successful? did you learn something?
  2. Was the attempt worthwhile? Was it worth all these people/time/months/ all these designs? was it worth our money/time etc?
  3. The link:

Homework Answer on Analysis of Kiss me Kate

Kiss Me Kate is one of the most appreciable pieces of musical theater ever written, the play is effective in many facets as the Shakespearean play: The Taming of the Shrew. Kiss me Kate endeavors to engross the audience and at the same time expose the sizzling battles between men and women, by integrating a play within the main play. The play also attempts to show that male supremacy does not always win at the end.

The purpose of this play is to create a conversation between the characters and the audiences, the characters have no agenda to push, but to perform at the best of their ability. As an art, the play scrutinizes different themes by taxing, affronting and making the audience to think about the different aspects in the society, for example the issue of gender politics. There are many reasons of having students and different groups of people, watch this show, however, the cardinal reason is to have them think; react and engage with challenging issues that are addressed by the play.

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The attempt of the play was triumphant in that the characters are able to bring their onstage performance to the backstage. They utilize their backstage issues to append emphasis as well as meaning to their on stage lines this presents a clear variance between two plays and interrupts the text proper, this is best shown in Act 2 and 8. For example, the actress who plays Kate storms out of the theatre and the cast extemporize using specious Shakespearean language to canopy for her lack of entrance.