Sample Film Studies Essays On “The Game of Their Lives”

Homework Question on “The Game of Their Lives”

  • Watch a movie from the list below and compare it with the sports figure’s real life.
  • This will require you to research the figure’s life (probably from multiple sources to ensure accuracy) and then view the movie through the filter the research has provided.
  1. What are the differences and what facts are portrayed in the movie?
  2. What is the effect of these omissions and/or additions to the story — for example, are some of the facts altered to bring more drama to the story?
  3. Are there characters who didn’t exist in real life or events that never really happened?
  4. Also make note of the camera angles, lighting and music. What is the effect in relation to the narrative?
  5. What elements are trying to make the figure seem mythic?
  6. What is the impression of the particular sport? Is the particular sport portrayed in a positive or a negative light — how and why?
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: This is not a movie review! It is an analysis..

The Damned United — NF The Game of Their Lives — Sudbury Lib. Rudy — Sudbury Lib. Brian’s Song — NF The Express — Sudbury Lib. The World’s Fastest Indian — NF The Flying Scotsman — Sudbury Lib. Cinderella Man — NF; Sudbury Lib. Joe and Max —

Homework Answer on “The Game of Their Lives”


The drama film “The Game of Their Lives,“ is one of the most fascinating ancient sports genre movies that has ever been captured in the American context by the renown director David Anspaugh and produced by Ginger and Peter. This captivating film extensively details and conceptualizes the ancient true story that occurred in the year 1950 that explicates the united states soccer team which tirelessly played an outstanding game that saw them beat the best team in the whole world by then, the England soccer team .

The huddles and obstacles were inconceivable but this did not kill their yearning spirit which, in essence, gave them the big reward of winning the world cup of that year. The movie presents an ancient legendary scene that captures the incessant determination and true hardworking spirit that escalates to the unbeatable and invincible heights of getting the ultimate price.

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Contextual design

The story outlines reveals that it was about the American family passion and tradition that took a larger percentage in molding the players. Two teams were combined where one came from the St Louis, Missouri and the other came from Fall River, Massachusetts. In this paper, a keener in depth analysis of this film is explored with a view to discerning the formidable techniques used by the film maker to come up with such a masterpiece.