Sample Film and Theatre Studies Paper On Italian Architecture

Homework Question on Italian Architecture

  • The research paper assess the ability to form and support a thesis on an Italian cultural topic.
  • The paper should be based on two academic sources.

Homework Answer on Italian Architecture


Culture is the distinctive nature of a particular group of people, defined by their language, religion cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Italians derive their source of pride, creativity, imagination and education from their cultural achievements. The centre of renaissance, culture among the Italian people is valued and continues to flourish. Italians express themselves and their culture through arts, architecture, music and food. Italian architecture has played an integral role as it has helped Italians appreciate their own styles and structures.

Therefore, the main purpose of this research paper is to critically examine the significance of the Italian architectural designs.Italian architecture has the most cultural influence among its people. Every culture in Italy has managed to inspire a type of architecture which range from landmarks to everyday homes. The Baroque style of Italy has been used to decorate and build important buildings such as churches and monuments. The theories surrounding these buildings are dated back to the renaissance classical Roman period where architects base their ideas.

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There are a number of architectural elements that have in the past influenced renaissance buildings. The elements include domes, entablatures and columns among others (Burckhardt, Palmes and Peter 203).Architecture has contributed to the growth of culture leading to the country socially with tradition. Each town contains at least one church that is greatly influenced by the Roman architecture. Churches and guest homes are considered to be a large part in the celebration of social life and holidays.  Most of the buildings in Italy are built with the aim of ensuring that they are appealing to the eye of individuals.