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Homework Question on Victory Culture

How has Englehardt’s concept of “victory culture” been reflected in war toys, films & TV series since WWII? (Be sure to cite specific examples from the 3 periods discussed in the book: the peak, fall and potential revival of the “victory culture” since World War II.)

Homework Answer on Victory Culture

Englehardt’s concept of “victory culture” is a perception that there are individuals out to protect a divine culture: a culture of American dominance. This perception is built upon a belief that there are enemies targeting the purity of the culture and therefore a war must be fought to protect it. And if defiled, these individuals have a divine calling to avenge and purify this culture. This hegemonic force has been perpetuated throughout American culture especially through toys, movies and literatures which continually perpetuate the belief that America is a divine and powerful nation set aside to dominate other nations and cultures.

One such television series that exemplifies this hegemonic culture is the seventh season of the award winning American television series 24. The series depicts United States of America on the brink of war with an imaginary country, Sangala. The country’s leader is a tyrant who has little regard for democracy and human life.These are fundamental aspects of the puritan American culture marked by high regards for human life and most importantly, democracy. To avenge the violation of the purity of its culture as the dominant society, it calls for a military invasion of the country.

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The American victory culture positions the country as the most powerful nation in the world. Any nation that challenges this hegemonic status is treated as an enemy. This extends to military prowess. This position has extended beyond the postmodern era as depicted in the film The Interview and a novel of the same name. Any country that challenges the country’s position as the ultimate military superpower like North Korea through development of advanced weapons such nuclear missiles are viewed as enemies and are punished.