Sample Film and Theatre Studies On The Psycho 1960 film

Homework Question on The Psycho 1960 film

  • Your responses will address the following (do not include the questions in your responses:
  1. What is the film attempting to say about us as human beings or society, then and/or now; or, what is the theme, or “message”? This is the theme behind the plot of the film. The theme is what we are after for this response.
  2. How do/does the artist(s) communicate this/these idea(s)? What means (shot selection, editing, music, sound, lighting, composition, language) were used to do this?
  3. How does the overall atmosphere, mood, style, or genre of the film affect the theme?  How did it affect you, move you, stir you, or engage you, and why or why not? Why do you think you had that experience?
  • Remember, there are no wrong answers when it comes to you deciding what comment about us as human beings the filmmakers are presenting. Some themes might be easier to support than others, and some may be stronger, but if you can support your choice with evidence from the film, then it is a viable theme.

Homework Answer on The Psycho 1960 film

The Psycho 1960 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, does try to tell us as human that we all have the other side of our personality. It depicts that we all tend to act different to different people at given occasion. The character Norman Bates shows this, while he looks tall and slender man incapable of murdering if not harming a fellow human being. Though just like mirror reflections shows that we are in our own closet traps,  it appears that Norman, who takes a central character in film has two parts persona.

The first person we know of Norman is a shy mum’s boy though very kind to others, while the other side of Norman is an over excessively jealous Mrs. Bates (her mother). In addition, Norman is seen as suffering from split personality disorder, a mental disorder that echoes the title of the film. Norman’s two persona is a result of his mother side taking over. Hence, this is not a character choice for Norman rather a sudden change in personality that even he cannot control or is aware of when it is taking place.

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We clearly see Norman’s mental illness during the last scene as we come to see that it is actually Norman dressed up in his mother’s clothes when he runs into fruit cellar like insane man holding a knife in his hands as he chases after Marion’s sister. Furthermore, the presentation of Bates’ mother corpse makes us to understand that he is mentally sick. Likewise, his mother’s presence in the room as if she always around as in Norman’s mind, makes people to believe that she is alive, though her dead corpse tells otherwise as Mrs. Bates was dead and only existed vicariously through her son’s body.