Sample Film and Theatre Studies Essays On “Some Like it Hot”

  1. Please watch Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (United Artists, 1959) with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and write your personal response for this movie.
  • Your Personal Response Papers are to be a MINIMUM OF 2 FULL PAGES (MLA format) and should focus on your personal responses to the weekly homework films.
  • DO NOT WRITE A PLOT SUMMARY!  I am interested in your opinions, and WHY you have these opinions.
  • AT LEAST ONE SUPPLIMENTARY OPINION (someone else’s opinion) is REQUIRED.  You may include a Works Cited page, or you may cite the quotation/s in the text itself (ex. Roger Ebert stated in The Chicago Sun Times (April, 6, 1974) that “. . .”
  • You may agree or disagree with the quotations you include, but the objective here is for you to expose yourselves to the opinions of others as a manner of challenging and expanding/refining your own opinions.


Some like it hot” is a film produced in 1959. The film is directed by Billy Wilder, and among the stars are Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and the celebrated Marilyn Monroe. It has gained popularity over the years and has been as one of the greatest American comedy films of all time. Monroe brings about a sexy and hilarious vulnerability, while Curtis is great performing as Josephine. It is a film filled with fun and distinctive characters.

The production revolves about several themes. Among these themes is masquerade and disguise (Wilder 42). For example, the two male musicians have drag costumes and Jerry is happy with a wealthy yacht-owning retiree. Joe is also disguised as a Cary Grant impotent millionaire. Another theme that one can recognize after watching the film is friendship. Jerry and Joe are long-time friends; they witness an execution and begin on a different adventure together.

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They depart the city and link up with a women’s band to avoid being killed as well. In their travelling, they get to learn how to enhance their friendship. They are seen to become better friends in their escape from death. Another important theme from the film is the many faces of love. It shows how love establishes and holds in many ways and forms. In addition to themes, the film also uses various symbols to bring about a deeper understanding of the movie.