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Homework Question on Saudi Arabia in Films

  • Topic is one that likely also has both mass media and scholarly coverage, and the paper should give a good account of that:
  1. Where are their popular or scholarly citations that help you to describe and frame the issue of gender roles in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries?
  2. What other films have been made that address the topic?
  • You can add about the film Wajda
  • Also the story of Manal

Homework Answer on Saudi Arabia in Films

Historically, Saudi Arabia and most Islamic states have been known to marginalize women. Women and girls are not allowed in certain religious leadership position or even certain ceremonies like burials. Most religious and even political positions are reserved for men and no woman has ever attained or been elected into positions such as Ayttah and grand Mufti (oxfordislamicstudies n.pag). Only males are allowed into the best religious schools and some religious secrets are a reserve for men only.

In Saudi Arabia women are only allowed in certain specific parts of the mosque, only in a few entertainment places and at only specific time.Against the pleasure principle by Saida Herzi is an African short story based in Somali contained in the collection, Half a Day and Other Stories. The story portrays and brings out the issue of gender in a war torn African Islamic country. The girls in this community are tortured by both men and women.

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The process of female genital mutilation (FGM) as described in this paper is a painful ritual that every girl dreads of but must undergo. Having been brought up in this community as young girl, the author describes the pain one has to go through just for being born a female in this community. First, girls are not allowed to get even the most basic education like their male counterparts but are left at home to carry out domestic chores.