Sample Film and Theatre Studies Essays On Criminal Justice Movie (1990)

Homework Question on Criminal Justice Movie (1990)

  • Do an analysis of a particular TV show or movie .the analysis should not exceed 3 pages. Including the cover page.
  • State the name of the TV show or movie that you choose.
  • Document the way in witch criminal and deviant behaviour is portrayed in the show/movie you choose.
  • Answer the following question from the perspective of crime and deviance
  1. Who do you believe is the intended audience for this program? and support your position.
  2. What kind of deviance/crime is featured? give 3 specific examples of situations ,scene,dialogues,or characters and explain why these are examples of crime/deviance.
  3. How does it make you feel to watch the program ?give 2 examples to support your response to this question
  4. Do you think the program serves to reinforce or challenge prevailing social norms ? support your position

Homework Answer on Criminal Justice Movie (1990)

The movie that I chose is titled Criminal Justice. It is a TV drama that was released and shown in 1990, by Andy Wolk. In this film, criminal or deviant behavior is shown through the engagement of hard crimes that lead to physical injury. This is reflected at the beginning of the movie where the face of Denise Moore is slashed after an instance where she has been robbed. He later comes to identify the culprit as Jessie Williams. At this point, another kind of deviant behavior is portrayed through his denial.

It is until other people plead with him to make the plea for a lesser crime that he acknowledges his fault. The principle basis for choosing this movie is because it is extremely thrilling and full of action. It brings out the real situation that I experienced by the different participants in the court room, during a criminal justice process. Thus, the main audience targeted by this movie is the student who is studying pre law and any professional in the legal system.

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They are able to identify with the different situations that are presented in the movie in relation to the criminal justice system. This is because the director does not try to sugarcoat this system in any way, as he brings out the various challenges that are faced at each step of the process. However, the main message is that despite the circumstances, justice should always prevail. Besides those in the legal profession, it also targets the general public who are able to know how to go about achieving their rightful justice. The movie thus aims at creating awareness to the public about their rights.