Sample Film and Theater Studies Paper on Script Reaction and Comparative Analysis- Brighton Beach Memoirs

A genre is an artistic form of literature or entertainment for communication. It can be either written or spoken. The genre is mostly characterized by specific form, content, and style with the main genre of literature being poetry, drama, fiction and non- fictions. Comedies are plays, which are designed to be humorous, filled with witty remarks, unusual characters, and strange circumstances. Brighton beach memoirs is a kind of play that is full of dialogue between characters and full of comedy. It revolves around an extended family of two sisters living together under one roof at a time of great hardship in the country. The family is Jewish, working class living in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. The setting is single, in Jerome’s home where the action takes place in the rooms.

This plays revolves around financial constraints and challenges of puberty and decision making by the members at a time when of wars in the nation (Simonb 12). This creates tension within the play. Tension is evident in the family, despite the challenges they are facing are willing to house her sister and two daughters to an extent that the play sounds ironical. For instance, the scene in Act I where the family modifies the dining room to become a bedroom is funny since the family dramatically crams within the small space. The scene is lively and brings out the comedy well than the written script (Simonb 38). In the script, the characters make activities in the background of the scene more clearly in the play than in the written script.

The biggest challenge in the play is related to the complicated role that Kate plays. She is Eugene’s mother and a bitter woman, a less likable attribute. Kate’s relationship with her son, Eugene is the heart of the play. Kate has to play the role of love and yet remain oppressed all through the play. This is a huge challenge in light of all the ambiguities that implies. The character’s major problem lies with the difficulty in portraying herself as the believable self-dramatizing guilt-inflicting Jewish mother.

The script employs several dramatic devices to portray literal and metaphorical interpretation. The set defines the environment that re-creates the realistic perception of a family life in the history of the country. The exterior of the house and reflect the average family living in the period of the great struggle. The viewer is able to relate to the joys and tribulations of the characters. The house and the characters serve as a metaphoric microcosm of the period. The characters represent the nations as they struggle to control their destinies. Upheaval in the family during the financial challenges metaphorically represents the tensions in the nation before the U.S. became involved with the World War II. On the other hand, the play enables the viewer to discover early in Act I that the family is Jewish and that they are surviving, the characters have individual weaknesses as well as their personal goals (Simona 1). The effects of the struggles of the time are depicted in the health of Jerome. The scenes are further illustrative of the darker aspects of the World War II and the Holocaust.

Although the play is funny, it portrays a painful realistic perception of family struggles in the ‘Great Depression’. I looked forward desire to see a play that addresses the ironies and the complexities of the modern life. Nevertheless, the play has good direction and solid performances. However, the use of a narrator is detrimental since the protagonist can step in and out of his circumstances at will. This challenge losses his identification in the entire play.

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