Sample Film and Theater Studies Paper on Movie reflection: Sustainable Development Goals Perspectives

Movie reflection: Sustainable Development Goals Perspectives

After watching the movie, there are several issues related to sustainable development goals that were expressed.  The setting of the movie depicts the state of a country where poverty and illiteracy have agonized people. Some of the goals related to the movie include: – Goal 1; No poverty: – Most of the people featured in the movie are scorched by poverty. This has pushed the parents to surrender their children to the hands of fraudsters who are luring them with money. However, Kailash has come out to fight for the poor and push the governments across the world to come up with programs of eradicating poverty: –

Goal 2; Zero hunger: People presented in most regions in the movie are facing hunger, and with the aid of Kailash, he is struggling to provide relief food to the people. However, his struggle was not well received by those business people who were using the state of people to misuse them for their gain. The effort made by Kailash and his team has put a plate of food on the table for every household. He was getting aids from well-wishers who were of the same vision as him.

Goal 3; Good health and wellbeing: – The movie presents a community where after the children are captured as slaves, they are mistreated, and when they fall sick, there is no health care that is granted to them. Most of them are living with diseases because they could not access health care. With the fight to salvage the situation, Kailash incorporated some health care workers who would provide health care services to the children and women in the community and in the camps where children were placed after they were rescued from the hands of the abductors.

Goal 4; Quality education: People could not manage to take their children to school due to poverty. The level of illiteracy was very high and therefore securing good jobs was a problem. With the help of Kailash and the save the child movement, they started sensitizing the children on the need for a good education which would guarantee them good jobs with better pay. The effort made by Sudha and Kailash was a long-term goal to see the community get a good education. In some instances, we see Kailash motivating the children by telling them how much they will be earning after completing every level of education. This makes the children yearn to go to school, and that is why6 they are even asking him whether he has a school they can be enrolled.

Goal 8; Decent work and economic growth: – The effort made by Kailash and the movements that he formed was geared towards rescuing children from being used by the rich in their companies as laborers. The main goal and focus of the movements formed were to ensure that people go to school, acquire good education and get good jobs from their professions. It is evident from the movie that those in power were using children in their industries to work like slaves without being paid. They wanted to remain at the top, controlling the poor and taking advantage of their situation. This struggle by Kailash and his followers made him realize that he was fighting with people who were in prominent positions in government. Although it was not an easy task for him, his resilience brought a revolution. After watching the movie, I have learned that a sacrifice has to be made for a change to come. Kailash and Sumandha sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country, and eventually, their effort yielded positive results. Respect for humanity should be adored; those in power should use their powers to lift the poor instead of using them to remain in power. The future of nations globally depends on unity and development plans to make the world a better place for humanity.