Sample Film and Theater Studies Paper on Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

The movie by Edmond Rostand is a hilarious comical that fictionalizes the author’s life. It is well-written, directed, and well performed as it leaves one captivated for a lengthy spell of two hours. I liked the movie as it portrays the day-to-day issues affecting people in our society and we can relate to these happenings even if they were 200 years ago. The movie got me thinking about ugliness and how we relate to each other.

The actors put up a great performance and are believable right from the onset. Cyrano de Bergerac, for example, puts on a great show in his many roles as a swordsman, scientist, poet, musician, and even playwright. He is a man of many talents, but the most touching this is the insecurity with his looks. Cyrano has a ridiculously long nose that makes him give up his love for Roxane. Cyrano manages to come out as the hero of this contradictory world of love, war, and hate, and manages to show resolute strength as needed of the time. His acting comes out naturally and his character is consistent; him being a man of principle as defined by his last word panache. Besides Cyrano, the other actors are also natural and consistent in their performance.

The movie is also well-produced, and the characters are audible and understandable. They have a distinct French accent that is consistent throughout the movie and this can be heard even in the English version. The plot is also well scripted and understandable which enables the audience to follow the happenings in the movie. Besides the movie dialogue, it was easy to understand the characters from their body language. From the movie, one could sense Cyrano’s feelings of self-consciousness when encountered with the burden of love. The characters manage to express deep feelings about their life that leaves the audience also self-conscious about their lives too.

The entire movie is well-researched and produced. It is correct to the intricate details of the life around the time the movie depicts such as fashion, housing, and mannerisms. The lighting and sound is perfect, and the music sets the mood for the audience. The choreography and stage direction is also spectacular so that the acting looked effortless. The stage movement was, however, slow and static which ended up making the movie lengthy for nothing.

Cyrano de Bergerac can be read as an allegory of inner and outer beauty. Cyrano representing inner beauty battles Christian who on the other hand represents outer beauty for Roxane. Roxane, on the other hand, seems to be the arbiter between these characters and by extension of the values of inner and outer beauty. In character, however, Cyrano depicts exterior/ physical attributes rather than his inner character, which shows conflict within himself. This conflict is consistent throughout the movie where we have characters finding it hard to make tough decisions.

The production is truthful to the playwright’s theme. We see Cyrano as a conflicted man who is in love with Roxane and writes a letter to her. He, however, is unsure of whether to send the letter and ends up giving it to the handsome Christian whom Roxane had expressed an interest in. Cyrano himself is not handsome and feels that he somehow does not deserve Roxane’s love. Besides the script, the acting depicts strong feelings of inner beauty, intelligence, honesty, and integrity that leave the audience connecting with the characters. Cyrano is a self-conscious man whose story the audience can identify with to some extent.