Sample Film and Theater Studies Essay Paper on Victor Frankenstein

Discussion Questions

Question 1

            Written by Max Landis and directed by Paul McGuigan, Victor Frankenstein is a popular American movie produced in 2015. The movie is based on the modern adaptions of a novel entitled Frankenstein written in 1818 by Mary Shelley, featuring stars Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy acting as Igor and Victor Frankenstein respectively.

            Having watched the movie, it can be categorized under the genre fantasy horror or science fiction: it tells a story of two young men, one having dark origin who is attempting to establish a redemptive friendship with a medical student. The horror aspect comes out clearly, when they become fugitive and start using science knowledge to create life from death with lots of fantasy in it. It can also be categorized as science fiction because most parts of the movie are based on imagination of scientific knowledge that is not necessarily factual (Landis n.d.).

            The movie is basically talking about the disastrous effect of scientific experiments especially if the desired outcomes are not achieved. In the broader view, the movie is attempting to give a strong warning about the detriments of scientific experiments organized to discover life. Scientists should be careful with the experiments they are organizing to create life because they can end up getting disastrous monster like in the movie.

            There are some similarities and differences between the movie and the original novel by Mary Shelley titled Frankenstein. On the similarity, they both present the fear of unknown about scientific experiences attempting to discover sparks of life – the results maybe unintended and disastrous. Secondly, they all have a similar plot based on the scientific journey of two young men. However, the move slightly differs from what Shelley originally imagined as expressed in the novel because it blends horror with equal parts of comedy and adventure.

Question 2

            In the novel, Frankenstein’s monster (created by scientific experiment) finally kills William, a member of victor’s family. After being left alone in the wilderness, the monster was in rage and decided to trace Victor’s residence where he found William and killed him. The reason why the monster decided to kill William is hatred and lack of a sense of belonging. The community around including the owner Victor discriminated the monster because its body was hideous and he did not have a perfect look of the human beings. Victor, in particular, decided to abandon his creature and hide away from him – in a similar manner, the people around did not want to associate with the monitor. As a result, he started feeling lonely and developed revenge against the humanity because they did not like him. By the time he decided to kill William, he has lost his sense of belonging and acceptance by the human race (Shelley 120).

            The monster admits that all of his killing could have been avoided if he had a companion that would bring him happiness. This is truly because he became revengeful after failing to get a friendly and loving companion. Therefore, he demands that Victor should create for him a female companion or he will kill of Victor’s friends.

            This story teaches the moral burden of having a friendly companion. From the religious pint of view, God created a man and a female companion for him: human beings are social and moral creatures that need a friendly companion or mate to share the happiness of life.

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