Sample Ethnic Paper on racial ethnic identity

By considering the course material, discuss the complexity of your own racial ethnic identity. While we have learned to self-define in our family and community, the reality is that ethnic groups have also been historically marked and defined with meanings associated with higher status or lower status and even net-worth in society.
Use the reading and videos to answer to the questions below in the order presented with examples or evidence from the readings.


What is a master narrative and counter narrative according to Takaki?
What is your narrative about how you first came to notice your racial or ethnic background? How do you define yourself ethnically? Since when? Why? How? If not, why not?
Consider the ideas in the readings and videos this week. How have institutions (i.e. media, legal policies, government census, education, medical, etc.) historically represented the racial ethnic group(s) you belong? What are related stereotypes, assumptions, or myths with your group(s)?
What are some positive representations of your racial ethnic group that you are aware?

Race Power of Illusion – Are Men Are Created Equal (Links to an external site.)

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