Sample Ethics Essays On Sexual Morality

Homework Question on Sexual Morality

  1. When, if ever, is a sexual act between consenting, rational, sober adults an immoral act?
  2. When, if ever, should an act be illegal? Why? [Finnis, Scruton, Goldman (Nussbaum – optional)]
  • To fully explain this topic, make sure to address the following questions and issues:
  1. How does Finnis argue that nature determines the purpose and morality of sex?
  2. What does this mean about homosexuality, heterosexual sex outside of marriage, or sex for the purpose of pleasure (without reproduction)?
  3. What does Scruton think the point of sex should be, and what for him is the point of traditional sexual morality?
  4. Finally, how does Goldman think we should view sex?
  5. How does he think it is related to love and reproduction?
  6. Which of these viewpoints do you think is the most reasonable?
  • Source to be used is “Lewis Vaughn Doing Ethics moral reasoning and contemporary issues”

Homework Answer on Sexual Morality

Sexual morality is ethics that focus on all aspects of human sexuality that includes human sexual behavior. In other terms, sexual morality relates to personal standards and community regarding the behavior of interpersonal relations.According to Goldman at no certain point can sex between sober, consenting and mature individuals be sexual immorality. His views differ sharply with those of Finnis. Finnis observes that homosexuality and masturbation are acts of sexual immorality.

He states that the worthlessness of masturbation and disintegration of oneself do not lead to self-actualizing and experiencing the real good of marriage. He emphasizes that marriage is for procreation and for friendship. By stating that marriage is for procreation is clear evidence that he is against homosexuality. On the other hand, Scruton states that sex is only permissible when there are intimacy and love. Finally, Roman Catholic Church is normally against some sexual behaviors, the church is against homosexuality, masturbation and many other forms of sexual behavior which it terms as sexually immoral.

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Finnis’ arguments against same-sex marriages put themselves in a custom of “natural law” where he states that nature determines purpose and morality of sex (Vaughn 56). For instance, he observes that marriage has double blessings i.e. friendship and procreation. Also, he says that the reproductive organ of wife and husband unites them biologically. On the issue of homosexuality, he portrays it as a casual physical satisfaction and active use of another human being for one’s own gratification.