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Homework Question on Heroes

  • Dr. Philip Zimbardo -Philip G. Zimbardo is an internationally recognized scholar, educator, researcher and media personality, winning numerous awards and honors in each of these domains. He has been a Stanford University professor since 1968, having taught previously at Yale, NYU and Columbia. Zimbardo’s career is noted for giving psychology away to the public through his popular PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, along with many text and trade books, among his 300 publications.
  • He was recently president of the American Psychological Association. His recent work focuses on the Psychology and the New Heroism. In March, Dr. Zimbardo presented to Fordham University. He shared his past research which was discussed during the semester. Toward the end of his Fordham lecture, he spoke of his most recent research – understanding what makes people behavior heroically. Dr. Zimbardo presented at TED in 2008 – the link is below.
  1. Watch the video (23 minutes long)
  2. Read Heroism- a Memorial Day

Write a one/two page paper on the topic of “Heroes”:

  1. What makes someone a hero? to you?
  2. Who is your hero; and why
  3. Are there any hero’s in today’s society?

Homework Answer on Heroes

An individual is considered a hero when his/her acts are triggered by the need to serve others. This insinuates that the person is ready to defy evil in pursuit of justice or public good. Personally, I believe that a hero is a person who contributes selflessly to help others. In addition, the person does not look forward for a reward, for example, a health worker who serves patients well. In case of a health workers’ strike, the healthy worker opposes the move and aids a pregnant patient to deliver.

Though she/he faces disciplinary actions taken against him/her and scorns from union members, the acts demonstrate humanity.My hero is Martin Luther king Jr. Martin Luther king Jr. is my hero because of the following reasons. First, he opposed social injustices that were going on in America. The black Americans faced many challenges in the United States as they sought their identity in the community and government.

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Secondly, Martin Luther king Jr. facilitated the establishment of equal rights and freedom for the American population. Being a Baptist minister, Martin Luther king Jr. stepped out of his official duties to protest against government through non-violent demonstrations. Through persistence request for justice, many laws were structured and implemented.