Sample Ethics Essays On Ethics Self Reflection

Homework Question on Ethics Self Reflection

  • Review of ACHE Code of Ethics: ACHE/Code.cfm.
  • Complete the Ethics Self – Assessment:
  • The purpose of this assignment is to provide an insight to the range of issues that we will discuss in class and highlight areas that you may want to explore in more depth either during this particular class or at another time. The ethics self-assessment is for your information and personal development.
  • Ethics Self Reflection paper :
  • Submit a 2 page maximum paper at the first class describing the following :
  1. Your reaction to reviewing the ACHE Code of Ethics and completing the Ethics Self-Assessment.
  2. Your self-development plan for exploring topic areas that were unfamilliar to you .
  3. You plan to enhance your ethical practice and leadership.

Homework Answer on Ethics Self Reflection

Article review

ACHE Code of ethics provides a way of incorporating standards of ethical behavior in governing an individual’s behavior. This is especially when the conduct of such individuals have a direct relationship to the identity of a healthcare executive. This code of ethics ensures that healthcare executives act in ways that merit trust, confidence and respect for all those involved in the health profession and the public that receive services from these professionals.

It is therefore a requirement for healthcare professionals to lead exemplary lives that are in accordance with the system of values and ethical standards. Other than the responsibility that these individuals have on their professions, the patients and the employees, these healthcare executives also have a responsibility to the community. This includes the provision of prospective patients and other individuals with appropriate information, which will enable them to make enlightened decisions regarding the provision of services.

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Self-development plan from exploring unfamiliar topics

The responsibilities of healthcare executives to the patients and others that are served are aspects of ACHE code of ethics that requires an in depth study to facilitate. The plan will entail a strategy on how health executives avoid the practice of discrimination and institute measurers that can prevent any form of discrimination in the organization. This will entail a study of the existing code of ethics of different healthcare institutions to understand the extent to which anti-discriminatory measurers have been instituted to protect the patients.