Sample Ethics Essays On Ethical Advertisement

Homework Question on Ethical Advertisement

  1. Locate a print or media ad that you feel was very ethical or not ethical.
  2. Why do you feel this way about the ad?
  3. Would you buy this item despite the ad?
  4. Analyze the ad from Utilitarian and Deontological perspectives.
  5. Why do you think the company wanted their product/service portrayed this way in the advertisement?
  • Provide a short summary of the ad, a copy of the ad or a link to the ad.
  • Your paper will be in 12 point font, double spaced, and 2 pages.

Homework Answer on Ethical Advertisement

Ethics in advertisement is one of the key factors that instigate demand for a product or a service in the world. Target customers form part of the greater population that the advert aspires to reach out to with the creation of an appealing advert and resemble their behaviors and lifestyle. One ethical advertisement that was done by Nokia was denoted as somebody else’s phone. In the advertisement, three teenagers were featured that included Anna (Swedish supermodel), Jade and Lucas (hipsters).

Nokia strived to sell its phone to the young generation by using teenage heroes to promote the sales of its garget. The advertisement was ethical because of the fact that the act of involving teenagers with hips and modeling character would attract many people and did not violate their right as teenagers. These three characters are in different fields that shows the unifying factor and happiness that Nokia attempts to bring into the world.

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With regards to the influence the models and outright body hips have among the young generation; the company will be best suited by the use of this advertisement. This advertisement influenced my decision into purchasing the phone. I would not have bought the phone without this type of an advertisement and influence.