Sample Ethics Essays On Energy Conservation Methods

Homework Question on Energy Conservation Methods

  1. Study the information on FSU sustainability website resources, identify at least 10 activities you can do as your part to reduce FSU’s utility/operating costs and carbon footprint.
  2. In your opinion, what can be done and what can not be done easily at FSU for these purpose, explain (grading rubric attached for your reference).

Here are the 2 sources to use.

  1. Reference: FSU website: FSU website
  2. Management/sustainability/new%20student%20and%20employee%20orientation_201302.pdf

Homework Answer on Energy Conservation Methods

Conserving energy still lies as the responsibility of everyone in the society to ensure that no resources are wasted. Therefore, it is ethical that all members of the society act in conservative ways or deeds that will leave energy and other resources of great and effective use. Some of the ways in which FSU Utility/ Operating costs as well as Carbon Footprint will be reduced include ensuring that there are no lights in houses and computer rooms when there is no electric appliance and computers respectively that are using electricity (Woodward, 2012).

Making showers short will ensure that no much power is used thus minimizing wastage.The third measure will involve washing clothes using water that is cold, to save electric power. When phones and appliances are full, unplugging them from their sockets will minimize wastage of power energy.Recycling as well as reusing items that are not needed will minimize levels of carbon print that is used in paper work. Keeping fixtures that are not in use off, avoiding use of fans, and prohibiting use of microwaves in offices will save energy too.

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Using appliances that have Energy Star qualifications and avoiding heaters of space and refrigerators kept below cabinets in offices will regulate power usage (Cohen, 2011). From my opinion, switching lights when not in use, shortening showers, unplugging phones form sockets when they are fully charged are possible ideas. This is because; they do not interfere with any services that a student or a worker could be receiving. Other possible actions to save FSU costs include recycling and reusing as well as switching off unused fixtures.