Sample Ethics Essays On Divine Command

Homework Question on Divine Command

  • Write a paper in which you explain natural law theory. In your explanation of natural law, be sure to answer the following questions:
  1. How is natural law related to divine command theory?
  2. How is natural law different from divine command theory?
  3. How does natural law compare to strict divine command theory, in your opinion?

Homework Answer on Divine Command

The natural law theory is used to refer to theories that use reasoning to analyze the nature of a human being. This theory therefore has some implications for the human behavior with regards to law, politics and morality. This law is normally defined by nature as it is assumed that human beings should naturally behave in a certain manner. Therefore, this law has greatly influenced any law that people come up with and has also been used as a basis of retribution of certain acts.

On the other hand, the divine command theory is used to refer ethical theories that are based on religion. In other words, anything is considered to be morally right or wrong based on what is commanded by God. The followers of God base their decisions on whether something is morally right or wrong on God’s will and command. However, there have been a lot of contention as to whether morality is based on the human being or following the command of God.

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To some extent, the natural law is related to the divine command theory. Natural law is based on the human nature. At the same time,the human nature is based on God’s will. For a person to follow the natural law, they will have to consider the other people in any of their actions. This is also God’s will. In addition, God also chose to give people the freedom to do as they will and use reasoning in their action. The two theories are therefore intertwined.