Sample Ethics Essays On Digital Democracy

Homework Question on Digital Democracy

  1. Discuss the concept of “Digital Democracy.” Is the Internet democratizing American politics?
  2. Do political Web sites and blogs mobilize inactive citizens and make the public sphere more inclusive?
  3. Can policy makers improve decision making by harnessing networks to public institutions?
  • Conversely, will our reliance on technology for communication/information simply lead to the accentuation of a focus on the individual and to his/her compartmentalization.

Homework Answer on Digital Democracy

Digital democracy connotes information and communications technology that is aimed at promoting democracy through equal and eligible participation in the proposals and creations of laws, by incorporating social, economic and cultural conditions that facilitate freedom and equal practice of political self determination.

Is The Internet Democratizing American Politics?

No, the Internet cannot be said to be a democratizing force because the elites are still in control of political material that is put on the web and the audience that can access it. The Internet has only worked to promote some forms of political participation and in transforming the manner in which the interest groups and candidates mobilize resources and raise finances (Hindman 4).

Do Political Web Sites and Blogs Mobilize Inactive Citizens and Make the Public Sphere More Inclusive?

No, they do not mobilize inactive citizens, and therefore do not aid in making the public ground more inclusive. This is because these websites and blogs receive only a miniature portion of the web traffic, and the majority in this portion is a handful of highly educated professionals (Hindman 8).

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Can Policy Makers Improve Decision Making By Harnessing Networks To Public Institutions?

Policy makers have a limited chance of improving decision making because the online media is restricted by limited tastes of audience, which comprise a handful of professionals.