Sample Ethics Essays On Asian American Women in the Corporate World

Homework Question on Asian American Women Absence in the Corporate World

  • Researching: while Asian American womens presence in the working population has increased in the past few decades, the social constructs of gender , race, age and sexuality continue to keep asian American women from various opportunities in the business world.
  • Now looking at the absence of little presence of Asian American Women in the Corporate World aka big companies like Apple, Microsoft and so forth.
  1. Here get into the numbers (mentioned above in the prompt) of women in big companies, but also look into the factors that keeping them from it (mentioned above under researching) Maybe pick one factor and one asian american women group (korean, chinese, indian, etc.) really get into analyzing their absence in the corporate world.

Homework Answer on Asian American Women Absence in the Corporate World

Women and gender issues have been at the center of debate for over a long period. Divergent schools of thought have significantly contributed to the complex subject from different points of view. Feminists, sexists, patriarchy among other gender biases and prejudiced standpoints throw gender parity off balance especially in the work place. Majority of historical backgrounds in various sectors tag women as subjects of men and lesser beings.

Most of the classical religions, scholarly milestones, and cultural, political and socioeconomic revolutionary achievements are largely accredited to male personalities. This begs the question that, were there no women to impact these significant landmark achievements? In addition, if there were, was it not import to affirm their achievements?  This argument of the equality query amongst women and men draws endless contradictory opinions.

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The fact one was born a woman or man is not within ones selection or choice, but living and operating above the confines of the egotism and pride that you are this gender or the other remains a matter of one’s choice. Gender parity argument attracts divergent opinions across the entire world fluctuating from governance capabilities, intellectual clout, roles and responsibilities amongst socioeconomic platforms politics, scholarly excellence and so forth.