Sample Ethics Essay Paper on Personal Code of Ethics

Personal Code of Ethics

As a student especially from a humble background, have nurtured and developed certain code of ethics that guides me through my daily actions. My religion and having keen and stern parents have helped adopt some basic values that have helped me a lot in life. These values include loyalty, patience, fairness, courtesy, generosity, honesty, reliability, respect and self-motivation. These values have helped me greatly both in general life and in academics, (Greenberg, 2017).


As a student in this learning institution, I have laid down some code of ethics that guides me and will always try as much as possible to follow them. Unlike other students, will never discriminate anybody in this school whether it is a fellow student or staff, regardless of someone’s gender, race, or financial status, I will not discriminate.  Will always do my assignments especially project documentation and deliver in good time.  Will never use alcohol or other drugs inside school compound. Taking and giving out bribe in this school is illegal and I promise myself never to break this rule.  Promise to always participate in community activities especially those that the institution supports e.g. cleaning services and helping the needy.

Apart from the listed code of ethics, I will also make sure to obey school rules and regulations to always be on the safe side with the school’s disciplinary team. Personal relationship matters a lot; in this case I will always maintain good communication skills and have good personal relationships between me and other students, me with my family and with school heads.  Will never harass anybody even if my powers permit me to do so. Will always observe environment and keep it clean always. Lastly will always compete with other students fairly, will never participate in any unfair competition e.g. cheating in exams. (Starrett, 2011)

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