Sample Ethics Essay Paper on Oil Reg

Oil Reg

Several issues need to be addressed in order to restore appropriate working standards for all the workers in the oilrig. As a manager, I shoulder the responsibility of correcting the wrong practices and ensure tranquility in the working environment. In order to ensure a conducive working environment, it is important to prevent inequalities, which expressed in major processes of the company. This will require abrupt change in some of the operational strategies.

            There is open discrimination of African laborers in the company, unlike the expatriates who are treated in a more dignified manner. Creating new policy that would adequately address discrimination of Africans in the oil rig is important.  The working condition is worst for African laborers who are normally exempted from entering expatriate section. Expatriate sections have semiprivate quarters with bath rooms, game rooms and movie room. There is high congestion in the rooms where African laborers performs their duties. The budget allocation should first focus on extending the working space in order to increase efficiency and reduce accidents. Good working space is necessary because, in case of emergency it can allow better movement of persons, and therefore reduce its impact.

            The other significant issue that will require much attention is the manner in which treatment and emergency is administered to the workers in the company. The expatriate are given medical attention throughout the day while Africans can only get medical attention on emergency cases or during the shift changes. This subjects the African laborers to great danger, which pose a great challenge to their health status. The health of the worker is vital for the productivity and development of the company. Therefore, I would ensure that both African and expatriates have equal treatment opportunities within the rig. However, any special offer given would be based on personal arrangement. Therefore I would ensure both Africans and expatriates received medical attention on daily basis and incase of complicated situated the patient to be airlifted to better medical facility.

            Thirdly, I would address the issue of balancing the workers food. Despite genuine differences that are expected, such as different meals, it is important to ensure low workers have equally standard meals. The low workers, in this case, “Africans” require good meals because much of the productivity of the company depends on their health. Good meal would make the workers healthier and ensure increased productivity in the company.

Although unrealistic and sometimes frustrating, why are thought experiments important to consider and work through seriously?

            Thought experiments are necessary because they seek to express principles underlying the reasoning for a situation so that the application of this principle may be accomplished. Normally, a good thought experiment creates sufficient information to compel certain form of response.

            On the other hand, thought experiment presents situation with controlled parameters in order to unveil the particular concepts behind the thought for a particular position. This therefore could help in tackling a complex situation in the real life.

Why is respecting a person’s autonomy so important to follow?

            The most important unique characters that distinguish human being from animals is that the sense of rationality. People tend to work better when a force from within themselves compels them to do so. An external force, such as compelling people to work through application authority may not give the expected results. In this case, therefore, it is important to respect people’s autonomy in undertaking critical assignments.

            Personal autonomy is crucial in nurturing personal growth.  When a person is allowed to operate autonomously, he/she engages his/her own in making appropriate choices in life which are important for personal growth. The power of action is based on a person’s choice, and therefore, outside force may not work well unless a person is willing to act. It is therefore important to allow a room for personal choice in order to have an assignment properly done.