Sample Ethics Essay Summary on Ethical Advertisement

Ethical Advertisement

Advertisement ethics instigate demand for products in the service industry. Customers who are targeted by the advertisement are a part of a larger population and adverts aspire to create an appeal to their lifestyle. For instance, the use of teenage heroes by Nokia in advertising one of its phones can be described as ethical. This is because the advert did not violate the rights of those involved in its creation. The three characters used were also in different professional fields indicating unification by Nokia. This advertisement was thus well suited for the purpose of attracting the youths to Nokia’s products as it did attract me too. Advertisement can be described as either ethical or not based on two key principles. Deontological and utilitarian principles are used to define good and bad from different perspectives.

The utilitarian principle associates judgment between good and bad depending on the outcomes of an action. Any action with positive outcomes for the greatest number of people is described as good while that with least positive outcomes for the least number of people is described as bad. Since the advertisement brought happiness to the people, it can be described as morally right. It also led to increase in the company profits. On the other hand, deontological theories explain that morality is judged based on scripture and common law hence an act can be either wrong or right depending on either (Kavaliauskas 23).

Through using the advert in a way that increases company sales and featuring influential people in the advert, the company did not go wrong in any way. The advert used celebrities who shared their experiences with the market hence giving the perception that the product is good for the population.



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