Sample Ethics Essay Summary on Discrimination


Fairness and justice in multi-national organizations are aspects that are advocated for through various organizational rules and regulations. However, the discrimination phenomenon, which is described as the treatment of people differently based on individual differences, is still prevalent in many organizations. Insurance companies for instance, have been shown to portray discrimination against certain potential customers on different basis. Women are reported to have a significantly high level of discrimination against then in the insurance companies. For instance, a woman once reported being denied health insurance services for having suffered from melanoma even though the disease had been cured by them.

In addition to this, another woman reported having been denied services since her family had a genetically transmitted disorder. This happened in spite having reported that she did not have the negative genes. The discrimination by the insurance companies is mainly due to the need to prevent excessive lose through payment for chronic diseases and/ or conditions that may require great input in terms of finances.

In terms of the work place, companies have also engaged in discriminative practices. When employees feel discriminated against in their work places, the impact may be adverse for the company as the employees may give a negative image of the company to the customers. Companies often discriminate through practices such as unequal employment opportunities, unequal pay and unequal work distribution. Women are also more likely to face work place discrimination as compared to men just like in the provision of insurance services. Companies therefore employ different measures to avoid discrimination in their practices. One of the aspects used is through the use of discrimination avoidance policy. This is signed by the employees of the company to ensure that none of them practices discrimination in the work place.


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