Sample Ethics Essay Summary on Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design

Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design

In any organization comprising of people with different conflicting interests, conflicts are bound to occur. It is important for organizations to develop conflict resolution strategies that can help the members work cohesively. This institution, like any other organization requires such measures. The conflict resolution approach determines the effectiveness of the process. If selected to take charge of conflict resolution in this institution, the first step would be to set aside time for this activity. The selected time will have to be favorable for both parties in conflict. Besides this, conflict resolution will begin with consideration of both sides of the story separately. Picking the best location for conflict resolution will also be essential. Listening to the entire story will require patience as the conflicting parties are likely to present conflicting facts. Resolution demands that only points of commonality be taken into consideration.

Establishing facts related to the conflict is a tasking process that will require collaboration by the conflicting parties as each statement given has to be confirmed as true or false. The resolution stage requires the finding of a lasting solution to the issue in dispute. Through identification of probable solution options based on no- partisan suggestions, it will be possible to come to a satisfactory solution.

The best way through which I intend to achieve this is by recognizing the importance of mutually exclusive phrases such as ‘we’ instead of ‘I or You’. In addition to this, other people such as organizational directors may be included to help obtain a win – win situation for the conflicting parties. Throughout the conflict resolution process, I will play the role of the facilitator. This is unless any of the involved parties has no confidence in my ability (Cloke & Goldsmith, 2011).

An evidence based approach to management is recommended for this institution. This refers to management decision making based on concrete scientific findings instead of personal experiences. Many successful organizations use this approach to management (Rousseau, 2006),’’. The objective of using this approach in the institution would be to be able to develop education policies that are aligned to present day economic demands. The evidence can be best enhanced through encouraging research.

The practice is based on factual information and diverts attention from ineffective policies. The application of this strategy should only be based on tested evidence. In order for the objectives of management to be achieved an analysis of the program costs and benefits has to be carried out to ensure only programs with more benefits than costs are implemented.

Effective decision making is carried out through a process that begins with the identification of problems. The management identifies the problems to be solved and the limiting factors to problem solution. Limiting factors are mainly resources such as finances, materials and personnel (Tsoukias, 2010). The next step in problem solving involves the evaluation of available alternatives for problem solving. The management then decides on the most profitable alternative and implements it. The strategies recommended for conflict resolution in the institution are based on educational legislation and external environment. If chosen to help the school in conflict resolution, I would facilitate meetings in which these recommendations are implemented.


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