Sample Ethics Admission Essay Paper on Transplantation Tourism Learning Scenario

Transplantation Tourism Learning Scenario

When discussing issues regarding transplantation tourism, it should be noted that it is neither unethical nor is it illegal. I clearly disagree with Dr. O’Conner basing on his statement indicating transplantation tourism is a growing problem. Black market or illegal organs trade is the predicament to be discussed. In my opinion, transplantation tourism solves the one problem that continues to plague organ transplantation in the U.S and other developing states. According to the United Network of Organ Sharing, (UNOS), an organization that manages the kidney transplant waiting list, the average waiting period for a transplant procedure is five years (Kauffman, Cherikh, McBride, Cheng, & Hanto, 2017). This is a long time of constant dialysis and reason enough to seek for other alternatives in form of transplantation tourism. Numerous of lives have been saved by transplantation tourism and the 5% of people who opt for black market transplants should not supersede the benefits of seeking medical aid in other countries.

I do however agree that there is a need to develop new regulations that make sure that organ donors are well-taken care after both medically and financially. Additionally, the transplant procedures ought to be done meticulously in order to improve the rate of organ acceptance as well as other transplant complications. Making transplantation tourism illegal has more negative consequences and I believe that is should not be an option to consider at all. Firstly, just as arms trade, clandestine organs trade will happen and it will be more lucrative in the process. Secondly, the number of both donors and receivers who would die due to poor medical practice in underground facilities will skyrocket. The best possible solution is to allow governments to open up donor facilities that would provide care for all parties involved thus saving lives.  


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