Sample Essays On The Sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Homework Question on The Sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  1. What different aspects, ups and downs, and nuances of love and expressions of love does Browning discuss in the sonnets  you read (21, 22, 32, 43)?
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Homework Answer on The Sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The writer appeals to the recipient of her love. In Sonnet 43, the poem begins with the expression “How Do I love thee? Let me count the ways”. By this, she implies that her sensations are authentic. The love she has for him cannot be calculated.  The author alludes to the core because her feeling go beyond the substantial to the devout. The poet appreciates that she will love her significant other in pleasure and sadness. This love is eternal since it will last even after she dies.

Elizabeth needs her other half in limpidness. Faithfulness takes a centre stage in the poems. This shows that Elizabeth was fanatical to making her affection life successful.  Moreover, she compares her love with intense suffering. She supplementarily writes about her childhood’s faith. This tells us that she strongly trusted blindly like a child. The old pain unveils feelings of lost purity at a tender age.

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Elizabeth adopts universality to bring out immortal quality. This is through aspects such as creed, living, death and arithmetic. This helps the reader to relate with the sonnet. The use of theological numeral impacts the mysticism of her feelings.Elizabeth paints her partner as her rescuer from past pain.