Sample Essay Writing Paper on FNP Entrance Personal Statement

I would like to express my interest and desire to join the Family Nurse Practitioner
program. I believe the program will give me the chance to enhance my skills as a nurse and
therefore advance my career. I also believe that I have what it takes to be an FNP because of my
duties and responsibilities as an RN, which have played a significant role in preparing me for the
FNP program.
As a qualified Registered Nurse, I have had the opportunity to work with various patient
groups and medical professionals, who have challenged me to do more in my service to society. I
have spent much time educating my clients and their families on what they can do to live long,
healthy, and productive lives despite their medical condition. I have also had the honor to
provide moral support to my clients whenever they needed it and ensure that their loved ones
respect any choices they make about their healthcare. I take pride in my ability to meet the needs
and expectations of my client and colleagues. Thus, I always strive to learn more and do better in
any task assigned to me, and the FNP program will be no exception.
Given my experience and qualifications as an RN, the next logical step in the advancement
of my career is to assume the responsibilities of an RN. The FNP program will further develop
my RN skills and hence I will provide quality patient care to anyone who seeks my service.
Some of the things I look forward to learning include how to direct patient care, perform
physical exams, conduct diagnostic tests, treat primary care issues, and prescribe medication. I
hope that learning and internalizing these skills will give me the chance to be a primary care
provider for most of the families in the community. I also hope that with these new advanced
skills, I will get the opportunity to open a private practice where I can deliver quality care

without the need for a physician's oversight. I believe that this program is the best way for me to
accomplish my career and life goals, as well as have a lasting influence on the community.
I look forward to learning from the qualified professors taking part in the program. The
professors’ knowledge and expertise in the FNP role will play a vital role in preparing me for
possible challenges once I am done with the program. I also expect to interact with like-minded
students, who have the desire and drive to help families in their communities. I believe that the
discussions and interactions I have with my classmates will greatly contribute to the
enhancement of my skills. The Interactions will also help me form crucial professional
relationships, which will be necessary for consultations and advices whenever I need them.
I know that this FNP program is the best way for me to maximize my potential by
learning from the best and interacting with people who have the same passion and interests as I
do. Undertaking this program will allow me to enhance my clinical skills and practice more
independently. I feel that my experiences as an RN, coupled with the knowledge and expertise
learned in the FNP program, will enable me accomplish my career goals faster.