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  1. Houston makes the Park City to come to life by using figurative language. She describes every aspect of the city. She appeals to a sense of elegance, beauty, and natural climate that is refreshing and welcoming.
  2. Two sentences that use figurative language:

“I would wake up when the sun hit my bedroom window”

 “Like some kind of Asian fan dancer the goat would lower his horns and pull the dog closer and closer to the edge of the cliff”.

  • Houston is “embarrassed” by the trail because half way the trail she saw graffiti scrawled at every available rock and sign. In addition, every switchback had been crosscut twice or thrice. The damage was staggering and made the place not pristine at all.
  • The Park City attracted Houston because it was an old city that had not yet been developed. It had ramshackle Victorian houses, abandoned mine shafts, old whorehouse, and magnificent mountains. The air was fresh, and she loved skiing. The Park City provided an ambient environment to do so. Life was enormously uncomplicated in Park City, and she liked it.
  • A lot of changes occurred in Park City when she lived there. Many people moved in who always sat on new Ford Explorers and neither smiled nor waved. Properties started being stolen, and the rental prices went up. Big shopping malls were being built, and jobs were hard to find.
  • Yes, I do agree with Houston that somebody can outgrow a place. This only happens when a person is exposed and finds better-living amenities in other locations that cannot be met in the current location. For instance, a person will move from a town that has no internet connection to a town that has internet connection.
  • Park City outgrew Houston because its population grew by 500 percent. The morning rays were bigger in size, and the peek brothers were now millionaires. The city had espresso, bars with bands, and clothes from four continents. The city was an excellent resort. She needed some place that was as scruffy as she was. This is a unique experience yet to be experienced in my life.