Sample Essay Summary on Role of Leadership in Promoting Safety and Quality of Care

The Role of Leadership in Promoting Safety and Quality of Care

Leadership is a critical skill at all stages of nursing. In the nursing schools to practice, leadership comes in handy for all practitioners. In the practice of nursing, all professionals associated with nursing are tasked with maintaining quality and safety in healthcare delivery. This paper provides a recapitulation of the Health Science Journal (vol 3 no 6) authored by Stravrianopoulos Theodosios.

According to the journal, nursing practice has changed a lot since the 20th Century. The key changes linked to the profession relate to changes in organizational culture. As a result, nursing practitioners are expected to possess expertise, excessive knowledge and a strong understanding of practice. The environment of practice is increasingly challenging due to need for efficiency, quality delivery and need for safety. The challenging environment thus requires the presence of leadership skills in nursing practice. In addition to this, dedication in practice is also a key requirement of the clinical nursing leaders so as to be able to face the challenges in the system and overcome them.

The objective of having leadership skills is to enhance the connection between nurses and the management. The nursing leaders identify areas in need of improvement and redesign and inform the management of these areas. The strategies employed by the leaders in improvement aim at error reduction in line with the preservation of patient life. Moreover, the leadership role played by the clinical nursing leader in liaison can help to maintain quality of service for the patients. This streamlines the service delivery within the healthcare facility.

Through team work, the leaders’ role is to plan effectively, perform analyses and submit findings to the entire team for improvement purposes. Apart from this, leadership in nursing practice also enhances discipline among workers, helping leaders to manage resources and effectively deliver safety and quality through their practice. The management of resources such as personnel and supplies helps to achieve the discipline objective.

This is carried out through communication, understanding human interactions, gaining problem solving skills, and managing organizational conflicts. In each of these ways, the quality of customer service offered by the leaders helps to improve safety among the recipients of health care services.

The role of the clinical nursing leaders is to identify ways through which an improvement of patient health can be achieved. This is done through the identification of potential nurse training and efficiency improvement methods which can help the nurses to perform efficiently in the contemporary systems. According to the journal, it is the role of the clinical nursing leader to liaise with the entire healthcare fraternity which includes the patients and their families; the clinician and the physicians in ensuring that the recipients of health care services receive better care.

In regards to this, the leaders identify and adopt various best practices in all the disciplines to advance the products delivered. Due to proper leadership, the health care recipients can be able to move from the system and/ or improve from periods of severe illness to better health.

In conclusion, the clinical nursing leaders should practice with commitment and determination to improve competency levels at the healthcare facilities. Through effective and efficient working in the facilities, the leaders should be able to create means of assessing the performance of duties and subsequently recommending improvement needs.


Theodosios, S. (2012). The clinical nurse leader. Health Science Journal. (Volume 6, Issue 3: July- September 2012).

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