Sample Essay Summary: Crisis Intervention and Cultural Competence in Criminal Justice

Crisis Intervention and Cultural Competence in Criminal Justice

Just like any other professional field, officers in the criminal justice system need to act with a lot of professionalism, through effectiveness in communication and being culturally competence and capable of preventing crises. Cultural competence and intervention in crisis scenarios are essential for the full and effective functioning of every individual within the system in various ways. Crisis intervention skills are essential since they equip the practitioners with the skills necessary to intervene in physical, personal, medical crises among other instances.

This ability is dependent on the probability of effective evaluation of the victims’ circumstances and entry into recovery programs. This can help crime victims to re-stabilize their lives and help prevent future victimization. Similarly, cultural competency enables the practitioners to consider the perceptions, values and beliefs of the victims and subsequently to take them into consideration when intervening in healing through processes such as counseling.

Crisis intervention is essential for law enforcement officers as it enables them to develop customer relations and in terms of community policing. This makes it possible to gain information from the public as well as to achieve victim and survivor cooperation. In addition to this, crisis intervention at the judiciary level prevents exposure of victims to trauma. To achieve this level of capability, cultural competence is mandatory since it enhances the understanding of people from different ethnic backgrounds, ensuring communication between officers and enhancing the efficiency of handling cases.

In conclusion, the diversity that is prevalent in the field of criminal justice requires the practitioners to have certain skills without which their roles cannot be performed effectively. Crisis intervention helps in community policing and information collection while cultural sensitivity enhances communication and subsequently the quality of response from the victims and communities as a whole.


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