Sample Essay Paper on This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

Evaluation Outline

Toulmin’s schema is a diagram of six interrelated components that are used for analyzing arguments. The concept is mostly used in the field of computer science, communication and rhetoric. The six components in the model are Claim, Data, Warrant,

Politics. This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere. Available at (Accessed November 14, 2014). 2014 print.

This newspaper is very reliable; it is widely accepted by the people. Therefore, most people read it.  Secondly, it states that for the first time in the history, Americans are more in favor of legalization of marijuana. The newspaper also gives reason as to why marijuana should be legalized.

These reasons are, it has medicinal values, and it is not harmful because no one has ever died of its overdose, it has a very low risk abuse, it aids in sleeping, many people who are successful smoke it. Lastly marijuana is not a gate away drug. The newspaper is also good because it gives the names of successful people who have been using marijuana.  The names include Morgan Freeman, Ted Turner, Maya Angelou and Martha Stewart among others. Lastly, the newspaper has attractive images that capture the attentions of the readers.

Structure of the outline


Body of argument

 Claim: Marijuana should probably be legalized.

Data: Studies show that marijuana has several medical values and those who smoke are likely to have a better health.

Warrant: People want to be healthy

Backing: In this case people want to be healthy

Rebuttal: Not everyone should smoke marijuana.  Those who not have a reason for smoking marijuana should not do so.

Qualifier: The term “probably” in the claim.