Sample Essay Paper on The Three Enforcement Actions

Chapter 5 Review Questions

  1. The three enforcement actions are informal actions, administrative actions and legal actions.
  2. Administrative enforcement actions are those that the FAA provides either verbally or in written, they have a low safety risk in situation where an individual or a business unintentionally violated the Aviation rules. Legal actions on the other hand are serious sanctions that the FAA can pursue against a pilot that can be used to prosecute him/her for an offense.
  3. Enforcement Decision Tool
  4. NTSB part 830
  5. FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program (Order 2150.3, Chapter 2) and FAA Order 8000.373
  6. Certificate Action also referred to as Civil penalty
  7. Enforcement Investigative Report
  8. The Enforcement Decision Process Worksheet is used by the FAA investigator to decide whether to continue with an allegation of violation before him/her.
  9. The United States Circuit Court of Appeals hears the case; federal government employs the judge of the District Court. A jury is present when the appeals are heard.
  10. The NTSA judge hears the first appeal; its only after it fails to prevail that it is presented to the  to the US circuit Courts of Appeal.
  11. It is where authorization is done to have an attorney be paid his/her fees in a prevailing action against the United States failure of justifying litigation.
  1. (i) an applicant is deemed as the prevalent party

 (ii) Applicant is involved in adversary adjudication

(iii) Substantiation of the FAA decision to issue the Order

  1. The employees make known of the reports about them before it is keyed in the database.
  2.  The changes are;    
  3. Enhanced accuracy
  4. Created better understanding among the locals
  5. There are notable changes in service provision as well as better resource allocation