Sample Essay Paper on The Arlington Theater

The Arlington Theater

The Arlington Theater located in Santa Barbara, California is the largest theater for movies in California and popular in the whole United States of America. It was built in 1931 as an exclusive facility for displaying movies and later expanded in the 1970’s where it has its current premises. Several events other than screening of movies and popular artists, especially those involving the Santa Barbara film festivals are now hosted in the auditorium.

The theater has a sitting capacity of two thousand people, with the architectural touch on the interior design being the major attraction; its’ uniqueness and conducive atmospheric feeling. The hall is fitted with fax-Spanish villas on both of the auditorium’s sides with the windows and lanterns adorn both walls. The uniqueness and awesome creativity of the auditorium is on its’ ceiling which has been filled with twinkling stars that gives the viewers an outside illusion, viewers feel like they are watching from an outside court yard. This restores the experiences of the Fox palaces.

The exterior design on the other hand is simply beautiful because of the brick painted white finishing with intersections at corners of the building rounded with vertical strips extended to the upper floors. There is also beautiful neon lighting with marquee reading at the main entrance of the auditorium that reads “Arlington.

The entrance hall was entirely built with red brick and clad of marble which some of it was used for furnishing the interior columns of the walls. The interior is decorated with terrazzo flooring, ornamental plaster, ornamental iron railings and stairs, bronze door and glazed tile. These features make Arlington Theater an outstanding public architecture.