Sample Essay Paper on Teacher’s Letter to Parents

Teacher’s Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

            I am writing to inform you about a unit that your children will be taking called Mo Willens Unit. This is a unit that is going to focus on Mo Willens, who is an author. We are therefore going to read one of her books in class, after which the children’s creativity and comprehension will be put to test. First of all, they will be required to retell the story in their own words. This is to test their level of comprehension and how well they are able to grasp the important parts of the story. Later, we will make a class book that will comprise different stories that the children will have written, thus testing their creativity.

            This course also recognizes that arts are a major part of the development of children. As a result, we have introduced a section that will be responsible for nurturing this. The unit will also help the children in learning how to take up various roles in the society, as well as learn how to work with each other. This is the area where we will need most participation from the parents. The children will be ‘making’ certain materials with which they will take up role playing, such as laundry machines, detergent bottles, et cetera, all of which will be made using cardboard boxes and hard paper. We therefore call upon you as the parents to make any possible contribution of materials that you are able to get in order to aid the learning of your children.

            Lastly, the children will also be involved in exercises that help them to identify with their emotions. This will be done through reading of books and having the children identify the different emotions that were displayed in the book and what they mean.

            I will be able to furnish you with more information as we move along, but for now, I hope you understand the importance of the unit, and that you will give the required input to help your children grow. Thank you.