Sample Essay Paper on Strengths & Talents

Strengths & Talents

  1. Explain Jim Collins’ personal formula, which was presented on the video. Identify, define, and explain the meaning of each of the circles and the square presented on this video.

The first circle represents what people are interested in doing in their life. It is easier to do a job in an area where one’s passion lies. The second circle represents what you are good at, and are very competent, especially when compared to other people either at the workplace or in the world. The third circle represents what individuals are born to do based on their purpose in life, and what they find themselves being drawn to.  

  • How would you apply Jim Collins’ personal formula to you?

I would apply Jim Collin’s personal formula to myself by assessing the three circles; what I like, what I am good at, and what I was born to do. I would make a decision based on what I am passionate about, and I am good at.

4. Select one occupation listed on your results that interest you and answer all the questions below. a. What is the occupation you selected?

I selected, social, artistic and enterprising; one of the jobs that would be appropriate for me is a special education teacher.

 b. What is the job zone for this occupation?

The job zone needed is that there is considerable preparation that should be invested into the job preparation.

 c. What is the knowledge listed for this occupation?

The knowledge needed includes the English language, clerical skills, psychology and mathematics awareness.

 d. What are the skills needed for this occupation?

One needs to have active listening skills to give people the full attention that they want and need. One should also be able to speak clearly to give good instructions. One should also have high social perceptiveness for him/her to be able to understand and appropriately react to what other people do, while monitoring and assessing his/her performance.

e. What is the job outlook for this occupation?

In the year 2010, about 5,200 people were employed in this occupation. It is estimated that about 6,000 individuals will have been employed by the year 2020.